Colby Snyder

Position(s): Firefighter/Paramedic

MODS A,B,C,D; HMA Awareness, HMA Ops; ICS 100,200,300,400,700, 800; Firefighter I, Firefighter II; Fire Officer I, Fire Officer II Rescue Tech; Engine Ops I and II; Truck Ops I and II, FADO-P, FADO-A, FADO-MWS, Instructor I, WRER, Ice Rescue.

28 week Fire Acadamy

Firefighter I, Firefighter II, Instructor I, Fire Officer I, Fire Officer II, HMA, HMO, Rescue Tech, FADO-P, FADO-A, FADO-MWS, MPBQS- Mate I and Mate II

Other Membership
Career Firefighter Anne Arundel County, MD
Current Assignmet: 33D

Positions Held